Vertebra Dance-Collective in the newspaper OÖ Nachrichten (Monday 29.04.2013) !!!

We are very happy about the article, the feedback and of course the performance. It was a nice surprise >>>

Thanks a lot Mrs. Karin Schütze for the article and Mr. Grox for the photo !


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''Boiling-Freezing-Melting point (duet)'' Premiere in Open space festival in Bludenz 24-5-2013

Creation: Vertebra Dance-Collective
Performers: Marina Mazaraki & Fivos Salahas
Music: Filippos Manesis
Photo: SensoReye Production

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''Boiling-Freezing-Melting point'' premiere in tanzhafenFESTIVAL Linz 26/4/2013

Creation: Vertebra Dance-Collective
Performers: Marina Mazaraki, Fivos Salahas, Marina Antoniou
Music: Filippos Manesis
Photo: Miroslaw Dworczak

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Boiling-Freezing-Melting point is a piece based on human behavior. Watching people live within a system, in a highly competitive society, we can discern that people pass through different roles every day. The same person exercises power or is under the power of others depending on the situation or on what the consequences of those circumstances might be. How do people interact when power is changing faces and forms? What happens when the oppressed becomes the oppressor? We have looked at how this could be a domino effect under the common term of power, shaping and (re)defining whole societies.


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                                          Video art work by Vertebra Dance-Collective,  Salzburg 2011.



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” Over-Under ” trailer

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”Over-Under” is our new project. The premiere is going to be in Cyprus-Limassol at the 11th platform of contemporary dance on 13 of March 2011. We will be happy to see you there, you are all wellcome!


An employee in a company. A mother within a family. A man who walks his dog.
These are common examples of the various roles we impersonate in our everyday life.
But, how do these different personae interact when the exercise of power changes hands and takes different forms?
What happens when the oppressed becomes the oppressor?
Under different circumstances the boundaries of control seem to blur, yet are we still left with a freedom of choice? Can we really resist?Abuse of power: do we tolerate it or is there a breaking point?
In a similar way, how do we behave when it is our turn to exercise power?
This is a chain reaction of consequences, resulting from the prevalent notion of power and control which changes hands, takes different shapes and (re)defines whole societies.


Choreography : Vertebra Dance-Collective

Dancers : Fouli Stylianidou, Marina Mazaraki, Fivos Salahas

Costumes : Filitsa Stylianidou

Stage Scenery : Stelios Tiliris

Text-Monologue written by : Nikos Paschidis

Video maker/ edit : Fivos Salahas

Photographer/photo design : Zoilly Molinar ( Zoilly.TV )


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